Repurposing for Christmas

Recently I had a clear out of old software and thought that there must be a way to reuse the discs rather than just throw them away. So with some left over Christmas material , ribbon and glue I’ve made them into Christmas decorations. Making my own decks over the last few years has been fun, allowed me to repurpose things I would have otherwise thrown away, and saved some money too!
Previously I have wrapped some old baubles that had seen better days in fabric and new ribbon to give them a new lease of life.

Today is the last day of National Growing for Wellbeing week …

Like many others, we have been spending more time in our garden than pre-lockdown. While we don’t have the largest garden in the world we have still been able to find ways of growing our own vegetables, in pots and grow bags. This has been something that our whole family has enjoyed especially my little one. My daughter loves spending time outside and has very much enjoyed planting, watering and generally looking after her potatoes, tomatoes and Brocoli (there were some carrots but best not mention those, other than to say its hard for 2yr olds to tell the difference between carrots and weeds!). It has been shown that encouraging children to be involved in growing vegetables etc means they are more likely to be adventurous in there eating habits and have healthier diets. Whether it be a few pots of potatoes as above or an allotment, any way you can grow your own is a great way. The mental health benefits, especially in times such as this, are fantastic and I think the National Growing for wellbeing is a really good idea.
I can’t wait til harvest time!

We must all stand together for World Environment Day

When it comes to environmental improvement it is so important that we work together across the political and non-political spectrum in tackling climate change. I’m proud of how my group at South Cambs District Council have given cross party support to efforts in tackling climate change. I’m also very pleased to be one of the councillors that has signed up to the Conservative Environment Networks Councillor pledge.

Hardship fund for council tax

Government announced earlier in the year a Hardship fund for those struggling with council tax payments in the current climate, today South Cambs District Council discussed its ‘Council Tax Discretionary Reductions Policy’ (link below) I today asked that the administration provide as much discretion as possible given the costly everyday living costs there are in South Cambs.

Today’s the day I finish my marathon! But there’s still time to donate…

Hi all I started walking a marathon to raise money for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, I gave myself a week to complete it but after 2days I have only 7.7km (just under 5 miles) to go! I ache all over but it’s worth it for such an amazing course, Addenbrooke’s has been there for me and my family and now was the time for me to be there for them. If anyone would like to donate then you can do so by clicking on the link below.

Adapt your Children’s Clothing

Support for vulnerable people in relation to council tax

With council tax bills having dropped on residents door mats recently and the first payments due shortly, its important to realise that help is out there for those currently struggling. The government has announced £500 million into a hardship fund to help and support residents that become vulnerable as a result of Covid-19. Please do get in touch with the SCDC if you are struggling, If you click on the link below it will take you to a page you can fill in to arrange payment plans or get in touch with the council.

Support for those receiving Free School meals

A voucher scheme has been established to help ensure those children who would normally receive free school meals are still supported during this time of social distancing.

For further information visit:

Energy bill support during Covid-19

The link below is especially important for those who have pre-payment meters, to ensure people are not without electricity during self-isolation

Covid-19 & Local Businesses

This pandemic is a quick moving and ever changing challenge for our nation. This means that the guidance and support will equally evolve at a rapid pace. Below is a link to gain NHS latest advice.

One area of importance besides the medical advice is the economic impact this pandemic will inevitably have on our local businesses. During January I took part in localnary where you buy from independent small businesses for a month. I believe that now more than ever we need to spread this concept but not only for a month but especially during this pandemic. Don’t let it be too late when you realise the importance of your local shop, pub, post office etc.

Coronavirus advice

Understandably this is a key concern for many at the moment, below is a link to the government website and nhs advice. If you are concerned in anyway please do look through these sites, there is much useful advice available. And remember #keepwashingyourhands

Planning Scheme of Delegation, my take on it all…

Today has been an uncomfortable day for the planning committee at South Cambs. We were given less than 24hrs to make an incredibly difficult and complex decision that will effect all the 100 plus parishes in South Cambs. The scheme of delegation is the way in which it is decided which planning applications that parish councils and local district councillors “call-in” go to committee. This is an important part of the democratic process and it is crucial for the openness and transparency of the council that the committee openly debates and forms a decision on controversial applications. Many councillors, like myself, expressed their dissatisfaction and concern that we were put in a position that we were making such a decision in a rushed and chaotic manner. The background to this topic is that the practise in resent years was for the Chairman to decide, in consultation with officers, which applications came to committee. This process’ legality has been challenged as the chairman is a non-executive member (not a member of cabinet) and does not have the authority to make such decisions. It was proposed that the Joint Director of Planning and Economic Development make the decision of which applications were to come to committee. This was not welcomed by many residents, nor myself, as this leads to an impression of officers “marking their own homework”. The Leader of the Council recently contacted all parishes to reassure them that the Chairman of Planning would have a veto, however this was not deemed legally possible and so the 6 options at the eleventh hour were given to us to choose from. I felt that for us to take such a decision while parishes had been given a false sense of security (via the veto) was wrong and so I proposed a temporary stopgap (cited below) to provide us some time to properly think through the options and at least make parishes aware that the veto was no longer possible before we made an alternative decision. I believe there was sympathy for my proposal but that did not result in enough votes, and my proposal was refused. After this fell I pushed for an automatic referral option so the power of the agenda was parishes and members, instead of officers, but this was lost and the majority of committee members voted to approve the original proposal without the veto. I think this is a mistake that will haunt us and elected members have not lost their authority in this, but have given it away. Will this lead to the integrity of the planning process being questioned, well only time will tell, but one thing that was unanimous today was that there needs to be a full review of this is and it should happen as soon as possible.

Proposal by Cllr Heather Williams, planning committee 12th February 2020:

“The receipt of a request for call in by a parish council within 21 days, or a member within 28 days, of notification is referred automatically to Committee – where material planning considerations are cited by the parish or member for seeking such a decision

This will take place for the next 6 weeks to allow full scrutiny and time to digest a way forward given the short time we have had to assess the options. During this 6 weeks the committee will sit more often, as often as is necessary, to ensure decisions are not delayed.”

One change means a lot less plastic bottles!

Thanks to my new kitchen gadget I have brought 30 less plastic bottles it to my home than I would normally and it’s only February! On average we would buy 5, 2ltr or 1ltr bottles of fizzy drink a week, this gadget could save our household over 250 plastic bottles a year! Top tip, lemon squash with the sparkling water tastes just like old fashioned cloudy lemonade #looktothepasttosavethefuture

Supporting Veterans

The link below goes to an article that shows new government initiatives to support veterans. Our utmost respect should always be with those who serve Queen and country in this way. Reduced rail fares is just one of many ways as a society we can show our appreciation and I hope to see many more, but to guarantee interviews is fantastic, finding work is a particular struggle for many ex servicemen and women.

Full Council 26th September

Full council was one with its usual lively and passionate debating from all sides of the chamber. I’m disappointed that my motion to look at new ways to engage younger people in local politics was voted down. I shall continue to make every effort to bring this to the for front of people’s minds. I am surprised that the several motions that requested further transparency in relation to planning were voted down. Openness can surely be a good thing particularly in local government.

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